1st Fat Transfer to Breast

I’ve been searching for ways to grow my breasts, but there seems to be no solution..until i stumbled upon someone’s blog that leads to Dr Arthur’s website. It is possible to have fats from other part of the bodies transferred to breasts, and that seems to be the only hope for me.

I emailed Jennifer and sent my photo, bought Noogleberry breast pump (was told that my breasts are very tight and there’s no space to input the fat), went for blood check and booked my flight to Medan

Here’s the pre surgery photo..



Luckily, my lower body has more than enough fats to transfer. Dr Arthur even suggested that I lipo the whole lower body to create a good overall body shape.. But I’ve never cared much on my legs/thighs size, so we sticked to original plan of improving the chest area. For this 1st surgery, I can take fats from anywhere on my legs, but I chose inner thigh area as I thought bruises will be easier to cover.


The only pain I felt was when the anesthetic was injected, and afterwards I felt like I was sleeping throughout the whole surgery. Though after I watched my surgery video, apparently I was awake during surgery. Main thing is I did not feel pain at all during the procedure itself..which is good.


There’s not much fat that can be injected because of the tight space, but prior to surgery, and even during email communication with Jennifer, they told me that in general, multiple fat transfer is required to increase a cup.

And here’s the comparison between left (lipo-ed) and right.

op 2

After fat transfer to right chest..not much can be seen from here..Dr advised me to keep using the breast pump to create more space for next surgery.

op 3

Lastly, lipo done for both inner thighs..

op 4

I remembered I was told to sit up and then the nurse helped me to wear the compression garment and sent to rest in the room. Had dinner in bed and continue to sleep again. Dr Arthur did check again on my condition at night (10pm or so), but I was mostly half asleep until the next day, and I did not take anymore pictures with my own phone.

Bruising wasn’t so bad during first few days, and every morning, the nurse will help to do drainage massage to help with recovery..it wasn’t painful or anything. I had no difficulty walking, just that some parts of my thigh felt very tight, which is understandable as it has just gone through the procedure.

I did book for lymphatic drainage massage as well in Singapore (was given some discount voucher from the clinic) and also did self-massage daily. Bruises (thigh) were gone after around 2 weeks, later than the bruises in the chest area..

I wore compression garment for more than a month until I feel the thigh is pretty much back to normal feeling.

Unfortunately, the scars are not completely gone yet..but it’s lighten so much, tho still visible.. it takes time depends on the skin types..

Now, it’s around 5 months post surgery, and thankfully the fats survive..though it is not a very noticeable change, but I can see some difference if I compared to my pre-op pictures.

I’ll be going back soon to Medan for 2nd fat transfer, and hopefully after religiously using the breast pump, Dr Arthur can inject more fats and I can see more results this time round!